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3Rose Home Plots: Blooming Legacies in Trichy's Real Estate Landscape

In Trichy, we are standing as a rapidly growing industrialist in open plot selling for extensive years of experience. 3rose Home Plots stands on three pillars: integrity, openness, and satisfaction with clients. We take pleasure in building long-term connections with our clients, making each engagement with us more than just a transaction. 3rose stand out as a dependable provider of exceptional open plots with a long history. Our path is distinguished by the innumerable aspirations we have helped make a reality, transforming houses into cherished sanctuaries where moments are formed, and dreams are created.

We have got 504 Satisfied Clients

We have Sold 9 lakhs Square Feet of Land

We have Completed 720 Registrations

We have created 21+ Leaders across Tamilnadu

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